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International Society for Academic Researchers (ISfAR)

The International Society for Academic Researchers (ISfAR) is a global provider of academic research assistance and training. Our team consists of professional and knowledgeable consultants with hands-on experience in research design, research methodology; quantitative and qualitative data analysis.

We provide effective assistance with the goal of empowering our clients i.e. academics, researchers, postgraduate students, professionals and institutions from all over the world for the purpose of promoting academic research through the organisation of conferences, seminars, training and workshops.

We foster discussions, critical analysis, and dissemination of ideas from research and innovative practice throughout the world through individual and organizational research assistance. Our solutions enable clients to generate, understand and present their results with self-confidence.

We offer the following training and services

    • Data capturing and reporting
    • Online and paper-based questionnaire Design
    • Postgraduate seminars
    • Proofreading and editing of theses & dissertations
    • Qualitative data analysis with Atlas Ti and Nvivo
    • Quantitative data analysis with SPSS and SAS, SEM with AMOS
    • Research Proposal writing
    • Writing for publication
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ISfAR positions you to succeed and thrive in your career.

The Association is a resource you can draw upon to enhance your skills, expand your professional connections and experience a vibrant local and global community of colleagues.

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